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The Great Bakewell
Pudding Race
Bakewell Pudding
This year's race is on Sunday 25th June!

Registration for the race takes place on the day of the race; please come to Bakewell Recreation Ground for registration at 10am (please allow time to register before the race start time (11am)).  

Race Start Time is 11am.  The race starts from Bakewell Recreation Ground, Haddon Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Race Entrance Fees are:-  5 for adults, 2.50 for children (aged 15 and under) and full-time students.  The entrance fees apply to both races.

The first 250 finishers will be given a free Bakewell Pudding, which are supplied by 'The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop', The Square, Bakewell.  These will be given to Fell Race competitors before the Fun Run competitors.

There is ample car parking available within Bakewell - click here to see the locations of the closest car parks.

The Great Bakewell Pudding Race has Fell Race course and Fun Run Course.  The Fell Race (Red Course) is 10.4km / 6.5miles long and climbs over 200m / 700 ft in elevation.  The Fun Run (Blue Course) is 4.2km / 2.6miles long and is relatively level with just one short climb (25m / 80 ft in elevation) from Coombs Road up to the Monsal Trail.


Please click here to see a map of the 10.4km Fell Race (Red Course)

Information For Runners

Please click here to see standard advice from the Fell Runners' Association for all particpants of the race.


The whole length of both the fell race and the run run courses is taped at very frequent intervals with red and white plastic tape to ensure that all runners can easily follow the route.  Additionally, we have plenty of marshalls out on the course at critical junctions to ensure that the possibility of runners taking the wrong route is minimised.  All marshalls are equipped with mobile phones so that they can communciate with the race organisers back at the start/finish area.  Printed directional arrows are placed at other junctions.

First Aid

Volunteer representatives from the Bakewell Branch of the St John Ambulance are on hand at the Start/Finish area.  Any medical problems experienced out on the course will be communicated back to the organisers via mobile phone held by marshalls as soon as they become aware of a problem.  Neither the organisers nor the sponsors, nor anyone else involved in organising the race, can be held responsible for accidents occuring to runners whilst the race is in progress.  Runners are solely responsible for their own safety and, given the nature of these races, they must take care to ensure that they run within their own personal capabilities and with their own personal safety being of paramount importance at all times.


For all runners over the age of 11, insurance is provided through the Fell Runners' Association who have arranged public liability insurance through UK Athletics.  A copy of a summary of the main terms of the policy document is available upon request to the organiser.  Contact John Scott here

For those runners aged 11 and under, running the Blue Course, insurance is provided by Derbyshire Schools Association for Environmental Education.

Data Collection

In order to take place in the race you MUST complete an entry form on the day of the race.  We are required by the Fell Runners' Association to collect certain information/details from all particpants.  For your information, please see details of what is required in these links:- Senior (18 and over) / Junior (17 and under)

For any further details regarding the race, or to give us feedback on the race, please e-mail us using the link at the top of the page.